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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Ukraine Missions



After returning from a mission trip to Russia, Bro. Jack Mills and Jack Mills Evangelistic Association felt led of the  Lord to began a mission work in the Ukraine.  So in 1991 he began ministering to a people who had been deprived for over 70 years of hearing the Word of God. 

During these years he has seen 17,047 professions of faith, given away 190,698 Bibles, distributed to hospitals over 1 1/2 million dollars in medical supplies and has built churches for 11 congregations who did not have an adequate church facility.   This has been done with the donations of God’s people who have a love for spreading the gospel around the world.  Bro.  Jack gives all the glory to God for what is being done in the Ukraine. 

In 1963-65, I was Bro. Jack’s Music Director and many years later while pastoring myself, I began joining him on his Fall Crusades to Ukraine.  I, too, caught a glimpse of the vision Bro. Jack has to (1) Preach and Teach the Gospel through VBS and Crusades, (2) Give the Word of God to a people who have not been privileged to have a copy and (3) Build Church buildings for an economically deprived people. 

After VBS in June 2006, Bro. Jack suffered a stroke that will keep him from returning to the Ukraine and has asked me to be his hands and feet to carry out his dream for Ukraine.  So beginning in 2008, I will be the Ministry Coordinator and partner with JMEA .  We have posted the continued needs of this work and we covet your prayers, and your participation in going with us to the Ukraine, as well as your financial support.  Let’s together carry out our part in the “Work of God” in the Ukraine.   God bless you.  Bro. Bobby Smith


     Our missionary Helen was a tremendous blessing.  She had everything worked out for us when we arrived.  Please remember her in your prayers as she prepares for 2012.  She sends her greetings to you.

Make a note of 2012 date.  Crusade - Oct. 18-30, 2012.  Please pray about what God would have you do to be a part of the 2012 ministry.

Remember as you close out 2012, your gifts for the Ukraine Ministry through BSEA are tax-deductible.  We hope you will make a lasting gift for souls in the Ukraine.   

Update on Church Construction

We praise the Lord for the dedication of Church 9, one of the Churches Bro. Jack started.  It was exciting to see the completion of the facility and have so many attending the dedication.  There were seven saved at the dedication service.  Thank you for your continued contribution to the Ukraine ministry to make this day possible.



Increase in Prices in Ukraine

The Bibles that we paid $2.50 for in the Fall of 2005 have increased in May, 2008 to $8.00 each.  Now Bibles are $12.00 each. Gas is now $5.00 a gallon which also is reflected in increased food prices, constructions costs, etc.  It is costing more for our host familes to feed our teams and we want to help with that expense as much as possible.  In October 2007, Church 11 gave the price of finishing their main sanctuary as $8,670 and as of June, 2008 it was $14,326 for the same supplies, so you see what they are experiencing in trying to finish their construction.

News about Bro. Jack

On November 3, 2008, Brother Jack went to be with the Lord.  We preached his funeral on Friday the 7th of November, 2009 in Athens, Texas.  We will miss him but he left a lasting memory of one dedicated to winning souls for Jesus.

BSEA Goals

BSEA still has the same goal as JMEA, to give away Bibles, finish the construction of the Churches, share the gospel to the younger generation through Bible School and preach the Gospel in the Churches.  Thank you for your continued sacrificial giving to help us complete this vision of Bro. Jack's.

Your BSEA Gifts

Remember your gifts to BSEA are tax deductible.  At the beginning of this year, JMEA has been dissolved and all gifts should come through Bobby Smith Evangelistic Association, Inc.  You can be sure all money sent will be a gift to the Ukraine ministry.  Again, thank you and may God continue to bless you as you give your gifts to BSEA.


All gifts should be sent to BSEA, 2605 Elizabeth, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401

Ukraine Preaching Crusade Trip October 18-30, 2012 


Also BSEA has had the opportunity to invest money (free of charge to churches) in the Russian translation of two books Bro. Bobby has written - "Prophecy - What will happen when Jesus comes" and "Necessities for Growth - What Every Christian needs to know."  The Lord has blessed the use of these two books in many churches in Ukraine and just this March we sent 4,000 of the Prophecy books to a conference in Moldovia and they  were sent home with many  pastors.  Helen is hearing of good results from many.  Below are pictures of that conference.


 If you would like to help with the printing of these books, please note on your check.  We order 1,000 at a time and the cost is about $1.75 each.  All your gifts are tax deductible through BSEA and God is putting it on your account in Heaven.  You are "Making a Difference in Ukraine."  Bro. Bobby